Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo on the attack against Tottenham

FOOTBALL-Nairobi, Kenya 27 December 2018 19:05 GMT

Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo has revealed that his side wouldn’t comprise their playing style and would be on the front foot against Tottenham Hotspurs after Spurs eleven goal haul in two games against Everton and Bournemouth.

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“We’ve played already many games against top teams where we have shown that we don’t change our identity,’ the Wolves boss said to the Daily Mail.

‘We are trying to build something, so when you try to build you do not look at the game like, what is the best way to get a result.

‘No, you look at what is the best way for you to compete against these teams. If you have to defend and have less of the ball it does not mean that you are not trying to win the game.

‘We’ve shown in previous games that we attack, we have shots on goals against heavy teams, even so the building process goes this way so the way we approach against Tottenham is going to be the same.

‘We’re going to look at Tottenham and see the best we can do in the game.’

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