Maurizio Sarri to bring Psychologist to Chelsea

Nairobi, Kenya 23 December 2018 23:27 GMT

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri looks to have reached breaking point regarding the Blues mental fragility and will look to bring a psychologist after the 1-0 loss to Leicester.

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Sarri insisted it was not tactics or physical problems which hampered his players

“We played well for 55 minutes.

“I think that, of course, in some situations we were unlucky but we could have done something better.

“After the goal, the reaction was not the right reaction. We reacted a little shocked and with mental confusion. We had to only keep playing like we did before the goal, there was time to recover.”

And now has called on the club to employ radical methods to get over their lapse in games

“I had a sports psychologist 15 years ago in Italy but it was difficult because the clubs were not ready then. But we can talk about it – why not?” said Sarri. he was quoted by the Daily Express

“The reason we lost was not our physical condition. On Saturday we were very good for 55 minutes and then two minutes after the goal we were in trouble. So I think there is another reason.”

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