Adi Hutter: Frankfurt brave and looking to win

Nairobi, Kenya 23 December 2018 16:45 GMT

Eintracht Frankfurt head coach Adi Hutter has claimed the side were looking to take on Bayern Munich in the 3-0 defeat at home in the Bundesliga.

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Adi Hütter: “Over 90 minutes Bayern, of course, created chances and were on top; they deservedly won, but we never gave up. I can’t blame the team – we were brave and looked to attack. It was a brilliant moment after the game when the fans celebrated like that again. That was quite special”.

“We’ve played an unbelievably good first half of the season – you have to praise that. The team has carried itself fantastically both in Germany and in Europe. That really inspires me and gives me hope for the future”.

“From supposed relegation candidates, we’ve grown into a team with domestic and continental ambitions. It’s been a fantastic first half of the season. I’m happy and proud of this year and of being able to work at such a fantastic club.”

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