Jurgen Klinsmann’s told to produce coaching license

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15 January 2020

BERLIN-  Jurgen Klinsmann’s has been told by the German Federation to produce his coaching license after failing to provide the DFB with the necessary papers.

According to reports in Germany Klinsmann who has been living in the U.S. after being fired as national team coach in 2016 and said he left the paperwork on the wrong side of the Atlantic.

”It’s lying somewhere in my little house in California, in some drawer. We’ll find it again,” he said Wednesday.

”The things that the DFB needs, all the information, I’ve mailed all that over. It’s all being taken care of. It’s not a problem,” he said.

However, according to Bild, the tactician had paperwork issue after being tapped to be the head coach after being brought in the role of club’s supervisory board in early November.

The Bundesliga will resume in the weekend with Hertha Berlin preparing for Sunday’s game against defending champion Bayern Munich.

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