Hertha ‘s Lazaro and Plattenhardt admit Leverkusen deserved win

Nairobi,Kenya 23 December 2018 14:22 GMT

Hertha Berlin players Valentino Lazaro and teammate Marvin Plattenhardt following a 3-1 reversal result admitted to Bayer Leverkusen is better to end the first half of the season on a losing note.

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Valentino Lazaro: “If you look at the last games of ours, you see that we got too many early goals because we were not really in the right place. Then the rest of the game is only left to run after the hits. This is very difficult, especially abroad. The second goal is very bitter as the ball jumps up in front of rune. 

“Then we only woke up, make it 2: 1 and press on the balance. If you come out of the cabin and want to tie it up, but then sleep like that again, that’s a question of focus”. 

”Of course, every minute that goes by the clock makes it more and more difficult. Leverkusen played that cleverly with ball games – that was exhausting for us. We have to work on that”. 


Marvin Plattenhardt: “Leverkusen has done well. They found and used the rooms. There we were often outnumbered and too late on the opponent’s turn. The first goal was a chain reaction. 

“Maybe we were not really awake like in the last games where we have had early goals. I hope we can turn this off. At the second goal, you can see that it is a mistake. This is a used day for us, but it continues. It does not change much in our overall first round performance. 

“We are satisfied, but of course we would have liked more in the last three games. In the second half, we want to make good games again and earn points”.

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