Chelsea’s Rudiger subjected to alledged racist chants

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22 December 2019

WORLD- Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger has claimed that he was at the end of racist chants against him in the English Premier League game against Tottenham according to Blues captain Cesar Azpilicueta.

Chelsea secured a crucial win in the race for the Champions League with Willian curled strike and from the penalty spot with Heung-min Son sent off for a kick out at Rudiger, a decision which incensed home supporters.

Rudiger in response reported the abuse, as Taylor implemented the first step of FIFA’s protocol in dealing with discrimination in games with a stadium announcement with a couple more later on.

Chelsea captain Azpilicueta confirmed after the game that Rudiger had of the racist chants:

“You know it is very clear every time we have meetings with the Premier League and the referees. Before the game, we have been told to report if any incidents of racism happen straight away to the referee,” he told Sky Sports.

“Antonio came to me and told me that he had listened to racist songs towards him so I just reported it to the referee immediately.

“I left it to the ref to do his job. We are very concerned and aware of this behaviour, altogether we have to stop it.

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