Ancelotti ‘things are not going well’ in Napoli

2 December 2019

NAPLES, ITALYNapoli head coach Carlo Ancelotti didn’t hide the obvious claiming that things are not going well after a 2-1 loss to Bologna in the Serie A with a last-minute equalising goal chalked off for offside.

” The team failed to maintain a level of continuity seen in the Champions League. Ancelotti told Sky Sports Italia after the loss to Bologna.

The moment is difficult, too long: we must find a way out of it. Usually, in these cases the coach takes responsibility, tomorrow I will chat with the team to know what the players think of it. I feel the trust of team and club but things are not going well, I must find a solution. If the players help me well, otherwise I find it alone “.

 ” There is a technical and tactical problem. This team is too discontinuous. The players must feel responsible, I take most of the responsibility but the players go on the pitch. I have to give her the clarity, the players are not putting this clarity. At least not entirely.

“We have conceded many goals, it’s true, we need solidity, but it is the mental aspect that must be improved by taking even a smidgen of responsibility.

“The fans are disappointed and I can only agree with them. I must be more sober in order to resolve this situation.”

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