PSG matches moved for sponsorship reasons MHSC boss cries foul

17 December 2018 22:17 GMT

The Professional Football League (LFP) has accepted PSG’s request not to play its postponed matches in January because of the yellow vests protests and to go to Qatar for his tour for sponsorship reasons and Michel Der Zakarian, the Montpellier coach has cried foul.

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The Parisians who were rescheduled to play Montpellier HSC in January 15 for the postponement of the game due to the yellow protest movement which has lead to numerous cancellation of games lead to Michel Der Zakarian, Montpellier coach was quoted stating that it was unfair with big clubs favoured.

“We’ll say that they (the Parisians) have a good listening (at the LFP) … It’s like in all the major championships, the big clubs are a little favoured. We would like to be in their place! (Laughter.)

“What bores me the most is that we should have cancelled the full days and postponed all the matches so that everyone plays at the same time. For equity, it would have been better. But now it’s like that, it’s done. We are not going to scream or insult everyone, we adapt, as usual. ” He was quoted by L’Equipe

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