Jose mourinho charged unfairly by FA

17 December 2018 18:08 GMT

The Football Association has been hit with a setback with their appeal for Jose Mourinho swearing case thrown away and criticised for “unfairly.” 

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The Manchester United boss was charged and won his case after he was picked up by a television camera swearing in Portuguese following a 3-2 win over Newcastle on 6 October and the FA appealed but the independent regulatory commission has further dismissed the charge.

“Following the appeal board decision, and the most recent decision of the independent regulatory commission, the FA now considers this matter to be closed,” said a statement from the governing body as quoted by BBC Sport.

The FA says it will “continue to take action against participants for any form of abusive, insulting, or improper language or behaviour, which is directed towards a camera”.

“There is no comparable example of a player or a manager having been disciplined for behaving in that way and there are several other examples of reasonably comparable and, arguably, more serious conduct where no action has been taken,” it added.

“We think that this discretion has been unfairly exercised in the instant case.”

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