Gattuso on Europa league disappointment, Ibrahimovic and Higuain

17 December 2018 17:52 GMT

AC Milan boss Gennaro Gattuso candidly spoke to the media on the disappointment of not qualifying in the Europa League on the eve of the Bologna reunion with former teammate Filippo Inzaghi while revealing on Ibrahimovic and Higuain front.

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Speaking to the media Gattuso said:

” Athens has to be a scar and like all scars we have to remember how it is, we have to grow a lot and like them too with my staff, but I think these players deserve respect “.

” Seeing people crying in the locker room for me is a great sign: something of the football 15-20 years ago obviously remained ” the words of Gattuso. He was quoted by Corriere Dello Sport

” There is always the risk for those on the bench, it is part of our work and we know that everything we have together cannot be forgotten, but tomorrow we both play each other so much love, friendship and respect. they will always remain, however – he told his former teammate Pippo Inzaghi.

On Higuain – I spoke with him, at this moment the most disappointed in him, I think he should give us more in character and leadership, more than goals. priority is to be added value, the driver “.

Gattuso denied he talked to Ibrahimovic 

” I never talked to Ibrahimovic, I knew there was a chance that he would come and that it was difficult, so there is no disappointment on my part, I want to do with those I have .” And on the players, very attacked in the last hours after the elimination from the Europa League , Gattuso added: ” I defend all my players, I’m ready to throw myself in the fire for them, tomorrow we have to start again, also depends on how we get to the Super Cup Tomorrow is fundamental, it will be the thermometer of our reaction “

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