Mauro Icardi bags Inter win over Udinese

16 December 12:13 GMT

Inter Milan turned to captain Mauro Icardi to get some sort of reprieve after their champions league exit through a late penalty to win 1-0 over Udinese.

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“We had to send a signal after Tuesday’s game, as we were disappointed by what happened, but knew we were still here in Serie A and can catch the teams ahead of us,” Icardi told Sky Sport Italia.

“We can forget about the Champions League by winning the next games and end 2018 in the best way we can.

“I took the penalty like that because I needed to shake things up a bit. I’ve already taken penalties in every which way, so I decided this was the right time. As long as it’s a goal, that’s all that matters.”

Wanda Nara Icardi’s wife and agent tweeted last night that she was looking through the pages of his contract renewal, with a deal was finally struck to extend his current contract to June 2023 and the striker will earn €7m per year plus numerous bonuses.

“She speaks to the club, I just have to do my work on the pitch. They’ll tell me when it’s time to sign and that way I don’t have to worry about it.”

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