Moise Kean scores amid racism taunts at Cagliari

Moise Kean was on target for the fourth game in a row as Juventus comfortably defeated Cagliari with the young Italian striker subject of boo boys and racist chanting.

Moise Kean scored the second goal of the night with Leonardo Bonucci heading in the first in a 2-0 win but the game was marred with racist abuse towards the striker who didn’t hold back after scoring.

Leonardo Bonucci controversially suggested the Italy starlet provoked the Sardinian supporters, after scoring with his celebrations.

 “Kean knows that when one scores a goal he must think about cheering with the team and that’s it, hug us all It was an episode and he also knows that he could do something different and we just look ahead: there was the racist boos after the racist chanting of Kean and Matuidi got angry, but I think the fault is 50 and 50 “Kean was wrong and the curva was wrong,”

Massimiliano Allegri speaking after the 2-0 win over Cagliari condemned the racist chanting but warned his Moise Kean of provoking the opposition

“Racist chants? As usual, there are some idiots but there are also normal people at the stadium. With the cameras, they have to be identified and these uncivilized ones must not be let in. But I was immersed in the game and I didn’t perceive anything.

 “You have to avoid some exultation and some too much pious gesture. You have to respect your opponent”, Allegri told the media.

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