Spalletti: Icardi set to start in Genoa

Inter Milan head coach Luciano Spalletti has revealed that Mauro Icardi will be available for the match against Genoa.

Icardi was stripped of the captaincy and has been away from the team for the last 47 days with Spalletti declaring the situation was humiliating for Inter but has relented and confirmed the striker will be available for the game against Genoa.

All the matches are important occasions to start again because with our defeat the league standing has shortened and we have to get results. We need to do results because there-there is a well-trained team that in the last games did well given that they beat Juve. 

Prandelli is showing all his qualities and those of the Genoa team. We will have to fight physically because before taking it to the technical level we have to deal with the blow in terms of temperament and physicality.

“The team have trained well. We must fight physically before we can in a technical sense. Mauro has been called up.

What Marotta did was a crucial job. Whoever wanted to put it in opposition is one who wants to give a distorted reading. Marotta was forced to do so, but his was a decisive job to arrive at a real and not a virtual confrontation.

 And these discussions that now puts Icardi in a position to help the team.

Then if the mediation was asked to dictate the conditions, it’s all more complicated because then looking and feeling there is behind a team, a supporter and even a coach.

We need sweat, to be inside the team. Icardi is worth as much with the companions. For us it is worth a lot when he’s in the team to sweat. 

ken Nzuki

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