Inter supporters statement “Icardi is no longer part of Inter”

Inter Milan fans that stand on the North Curva have released a statement on the club website rejecting Mauro Icardi rehabilitation declaring “Icardi is no longer part of Inter “

Inter Head coach Luciano Spalletti had come out on Sunday to reiterate that the Argentine striker had humiliated the fans and the Nerazzurri

“This mediation is humiliating for Inter fans and for those who love Inter. The need to mediate with someone just to get him to pull on the shirt that they love. It’s humiliating. Spalletti was quoted by Football Italia.

“Negotiating with someone just to get him to pull on the Inter shirt. What, do I need to email 20 lawyers and ask them if I can call someone up?

And now the Curva Nord has responded in support of their head coach claiming Icardi behavior shouldn’t be tolerated.

After an internal confrontation, all the Curva Nord groups unanimously decided that the behavior of the Nerazzurri number 9 should no longer be tolerated. The Nord believes that Icardi has shown that it does not possess the necessary character not only to obtain a range of captain but not even to be able to build a future on his figure to obtain a united dressing room.

With this release, we invite the Inter to take the necessary steps as soon as possible to remove him from the team that does not seem the least bit willing to share with him the immediate and future path of the team even at the risk of compromising the season finale. 

Getting a qualification in theChampions League without a project that focuses on the concept of the group, of which Icardi is evident will not be a part, it just means to lay the foundations for future failure. For us, the team value must come before personalities and media protagonists, therefore the position of the North is that Icardi is no longer part of Inter and from now on will be treated accordingly “.

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