Crystal Palace seek win without Wilfried Zaha

15 December 2018 09:59 GMT:

Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson has called for the charges to get their first win without their talisman and end the Wilfried Zaha curse WITH Leicester City in their sights.

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“You will never get away from the classic American expression that the winner bathes in the loser’s blood,” he said. “That’s where we are.

“We’ve lost, so it’s our blood out there at the moment and the winners are bathing in it. I just hope we’ll be doing a bit of bathing in blood ourselves in future.”

“It was only a week or two ago that the club was buzzing after what we regarded absolutely as one of our very best performances of the 16 months I have been at the club,” he said.

“Then you lose two games and things are very, very different. It is absolute doom and gloom, and ‘How come the club has gone so wrong over a number of years?’

“The only thing that could ever provoke me to lose a sense of optimism would be if I didn’t see in the players the desire, determination and quality to make certain they stay in the league.”

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