Double standards? FIFA reject Chelsea transfer ban freeze in appeal

FIFA has rejected Chelsea’s request for their one-year transfer ban to be frozen during the appeals process in what the blues have labelled as double standards.

Chelsea were handed a two-year transfer ban for allegedly breaking rules on the signings of minors from abroad with.

“Chelsea Football Club is astonished by the Fifa appeal committee’s decision not to suspend its sanction pending completion of the appeal process,” read a club statement.

“The club acted in accordance with the relevant regulations and has already notified FIFA of its intention to appeal against the Disciplinary Committee’s decision and sanction.

“As a matter of procedural fairness and equality of treatment, and Swiss law, the club’s right to an appeal process must be afforded, before any irremediable sanction takes effect.

Double standards?

Chelsea claims of double standards come from the fact that recent clubs that have been hit with transfer registration embargoes have usually been granted reprieve while the appeal is going on.

Furthermore what if Chelsea win the appeal Fifa would be in a bind to banning the Stamford Bridge outfit from registering players which amount to punishment without any evidence bearing in mind of one is innocent before being proven guilty.

In the case of Atletic Madrid and Real Madrid Fifa’s investigation similarly concerned players aged under 18 who played in competitions for Atletico between 2007 and 2014, and Real from 2005-2014 with their registration falling foul of Fifa statutes.

The Football governing body handed out its decision in January 2016, but both clubs were able to sign players last summer after appealing against the decision to Fifa just like Chelsea.

The two sides appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sports(CAS) after those appeals were rejected, with Real Madrid’s suspension subsequently reduced to cover just the recent January transfer window.

Fifa apparent logic

Of course, FIFA would claim that failing to impose the sanction would be just another club escaping the impact of the ban to register players by circumventing the rules to which it would be understandable but rules are rules in civilised society sanctions are placed after the judgement, not before the matter is closed.


In this case, Chelsea havê the right to claim bias as precedent states that once an appeal has been lodged the ban is lifted and whatever happened to impose sanctions before a final decision is made leading to a conclusion that they are being unfairly treated by the world governing body.



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