Andrew Robertson denies Klopp pressure

Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson hás denied that his manager Jurgen Klopp is under pressure and is succumbing to pressure after drawing their last two games against Leicester and West Ham.

‘When people say he is nervous or we are nervous it couldn’t be further from the truth.He was quoted by the

‘He’s probably been more ‘smiley’. He is just trying to get us going and it’s obviously worked.

‘In terms of the players we’ve not seen any difference in any of the staff and that feeds into the players and we’ve not changed; whether we draw, win or lose it doesn’t change.

‘It’s a relaxed training ground and it is all about winning games. The only thing we get annoyed about – not nervous about – is that we want to win every game.

‘If we have a bad result we use that to put in a positive performance the next game and that’s what we’ve done.

‘Since Monday (at West Ham) we’ve studied this (Bournemouth) game.

‘We wanted to have a clean sheet and we wanted to get some goals back in and it could have been a lot more (than 3-0).’

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