Marseille Rudi Garcia, players lacked support

Football 13 January 2019 23:53 GMT

France- Marseille boss Rudi Garcia has claimed the players were left to produce a result with the fans abandoning them as they drew 1-1 against Thierry Henry’s Monaco.

“The players fought alone. But it’s like that. We must win matches and succeed in putting the public behind us. What matters is the players’ response on the pitch, the solidarity they could show even after the match. 

“Go see the supporters together, it’s a beautiful picture. What was said between the fans and the players remains between them.

“We want to win every game. Everyone will not play because we are two games behind. It’s in three days, it’s going to come quickly, you have to prepare for it. 

“If we show the same state of mind as tonight, we may have reasons to believe.

Asked if how he regarded his job 

“Of course. You have to take the good times and the more difficult moments. The group showed that in the difficulty they could answer presently. 

“You could see an amorphous group, but they did not show anything of that. We see the quality of a group in the difficulty. We have seen acts and not just words tonight”.

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