OGC Nice edge out Bordeaux

Football-13 January 2019 22:23 GMT

Nice, France- OGC Nice scored their first win in five games in Ligue 1 edging out Bordeaux to move four points to within the champions league as their opponents languish in mid-table obscurity.

Patrick Vieira speaking after the win over Bordeaux 1-0: “Our solidarity allowed us to win this very complicated match against a good team. Mastery and technical level, they were better than us. Regardless of the context, I want to be consistent 90 minutes. We have been. I hope we will continue that way.

Éric Bédouet, Bordeaux coach, was regretful of the squandered chances: “There are a lot of regrets and we have to learn to put goals. 

“I will not dwell on the penalty. I do not wanna talk about it. It puffed me up. It’s abominable. We have the VAR now … It’s incomprehensible. What is it used for? But I do not talk about it. It’s finished. 

“We lost. […] We have a good first half and we have to go back to the mark. 

“At some point, you have to score and kill the match. We are not amateur. We must mark the blow. This is a recurring problem. But that match, we must not lose it. 

“Because the players have done the maximum. But as soon as you get to the 30 meters, it’s complicated. It’s like that, it’s sport. I do not think it’s mental. It’s full of little technical details.

” You have to know how to give caviars to your better-placed partner. We are all involved. It’s all a state of mind. There is a lot of work to do. But this Championship is very tight. 

“Everyone still has a chance. We can do a series. But for that, you have to score goals. ” 

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