Jurgen Klopp reveals on penalty decision

Football 12 January 2019 23:16 GMT

England- Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believed the penalty awarded to his side was clear and Mohamed Salah was brilliant in the situation as Christian Gross foul handed the’ Reds’ a 1-0 win.

The second half was better. I really liked half-time – we could readjust a few things and the boys reacted on that.

“In the second half, we won the ball back, nice little counter-attack – Mo, Shaq I think and then Mo again in the box, clear penalty. We finished it off, which is good…….

“It was a brilliant situation. It makes sense for a striker to go dribbling in the box because it’s difficult for the defender to defend it clear. He was in a brilliant position in that moment – if he could shoot, for sure it was a big chance as well.

“That’s cool. Sadio had moments, Bobby always. We speak about maturity after the 1-0 but how they defend then, if you see it in their face – how Bobby is talking to everybody, bringing Sadio into position and all that – that’s the massive difference.

“That’s really cool. The boys worked really hard and deserved these three points, I think, absolutely.

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