Pochettino calls out for transfer strategy change

FOOTBALL- 7 January 2019 23:57 GMT

Tottenham head coach Mauricio Pochettino has called for a different way in their transfer dealings if they are to succeed in achieving trophies for the club a pre-match press conference against Chelsea in the Carabao cup.

“I saw a stat the other day about how teams were spending money in the last 10 years and we were on the bottom in England and Europe,” Pochettino told the media.

“We’re doing a fantastic job but, if we want to be real contenders, we need to operate in a different way in the future.

“At the moment it’s fantastic – so far so good – but we’ll see if it’s enough to challenge and be consistent in the next five years operating in that way; if we’re capable of fighting with the big sides in the same way that we’ve fought [with them] in the last four or five years.

“One thing is to reduce the gap with the top four, to be competitive, to create a team capable of fighting with the big sides.

“But after, if we want to win titles, we need to operate in a different way.

“At the moment we operate in the same way that we operated when we arrived.

“Maybe we can win some titles but it’s going to be a tough job because every club in the last five years has improved a lot.”

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