Monaco squeeze past Canet-Roussillon in coupe de France

Football- 6 January 2019 22:28 GMT

AS Monaco squeezed past Canet-Roussillon in the Coupe de France with Naldo making his debut since making a switch with Thierry Henry admitting it wasn’t easy.

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“It was not easy at all and there was a real Cup match. The way is not always obvious in the Coupe de France, especially in the first round. Canet fought to the end, on all the balls. Thierry Henry was quoted by L’Equipe

“We miss three chances to go to 2-0 and we did not do it. You know, we’re never safe, we’re just right, but we’re still in the race and that’s the point. 

“I’m not here to talk about the players. But I always said it was easier to learn in defeat. There were many young people, they won, but I repeat, it is in the defeat that we learn. Same thing for Naldo: he is a leader, but we try to play as a team and I do not want to talk about one player more than another. ” 

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