Sampdoria boss unhappy with Juve Penalty

Football 28 December 2018 18:14 GMT

Sampdoria head coach Marco Giampaolo was critical of the referee claiming the second Juventus penalty was a gift after Cristiano Ronaldo brace sunk them 2-1 at the Allianz Arena.

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“Many teams arrive in Turin with half a game already lost because there is Juventus in front. We have had too much respect, we lacked the right defensive malice on the occasion of their goal. but we were well in the game, even competitive, without respecting the opponent too much. The team I liked, came here to make performance and result is always very difficult, no one has succeeded, but for me morally the race is over 2 -2 “. He was quoted by Corriere Dello Sport

Ricardo Saponaro’s goal was cancelled late on for offside after referral to VAR with the winner a penalty for Juventus scored by Ronaldo.

“The penalty granted to Juventus seems to me a gift We can discuss it until the day after tomorrow, but you can not whistle this penalty otherwise it becomes a mess on Sundays. of hand is absurd. Juve can even draw at home once in a while, nothing happens “. 

“I get the good performance, but it’s not worth anything without the result, there will be controversy, but I will not read the newspapers, my boys have shown that they have character and personality. the goal for Saponara should never be cancelled for how beautiful it is “

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