Newcastle Rafa Benitez: We have to be realistic

FOOTBALL-Nairobi, Kenya 28 December 21:08 GMT

Newcastle boss Rafael Benitez has called out Mike Ashley to invest in the squad despite finishing 10th last season with the Spaniard not expecting a miracle like last season again.

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Speaking in the pre-match press conference Newcastle manager Benitez said: “We have to be realistic and understand we will be in the bottom half for the season.

“For me, it is almost clear and if we can be better than three teams, it will be another miracle.

“It was a miracle last year. People were thinking, ‘Oh, you finished 10th…’, but with a couple fewer wins, we could have been in the bottom five, so it was a miracle.

“If we do the same this year with teams spending even more money than last year, it will be a miracle.”

“I know what is coming now and I know where we are.

“You can see the team – the team is trying a lot of things, but still it’s not enough sometimes to get the points, and it will be like that. Benitez added.

“I’m trying to tell everyone, realise where we are, realise what we have to do and if we do well, fine, we can finish 10th or whatever.

“But if we think we have to beat these teams which have spent £100m, every one of them, during the summer, if we think we can beat them easily every game, no chance. We are wrong, 100%.”

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