Napoli to appeal Kalidou Koulibaly and Insigne’s ban

FOOTBALL-Nairobi, Kenya 28 December 13:03 GMT

Napoli will look to appeal Kalidou Koulibaly’s and Lorenzo Insigne’s ban after the Inter Milan game where both were sanctioned for five yellow cards and remarks to the referee respectively.

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Koulibaly and Insigne will be suspended for Napoli’s next two domestic matches, plus a €10,000 fine for ‘insulting the referee as a captain’ for the latter.

“Let’s take the time to study what to do,” lawyer Mattia Grassani said on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli as quoted by Football

“We’ll probably appeal against the two games for Insigne, while for the ban given to Koulibaly for applauding the referee, one of the reasons for the two-game ban, we’ll go for an appeal.

“The regulations say the match should have been halted, and the conditions to do so were already there in the first half, and above all the referee didn’t show common sense.

“It’s not possible to deny that the match was distorted by the atmosphere, which led Koulibaly to ask the referee to intervene.

“You could hear the monkey chants, but the referee didn’t deem it appropriate to stop the game. It’s probable that a strong signal in the first half would have warned the crowd and deterred the idiots engaging in this kind of behaviour, then we’d never have got to Koulibaly’s gesture.”

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