Athletic Club elect new president Aitor Elizegi

FOOTBALL-Nairobi, Kenya 28 December 13:03 GMT

Athletic Club Bilbao has elected a new president with Aitor Elizegi edging out beat out Alberto Uribe-Echevarria, ending former president Josu Urrutia presidency.

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Athletic 19,340 members (46.77%) Elizegi  took 9,264 (47.90%), for the 9,179 (47.46%) of his opponent. But the most significant data aside from abstentions (781) who voted blank and 116 null votes.

According to reports in El Pais quoting the new president, stated:

” He recognizes the work of Urrutia, “that for me he will always be one of my idols, my captain, even if he has not always agreed on his decisions as president”. And he also recognizes his managers:

“There are very valid people in the other group who can contribute many things to the club. We ask for your help, respect and support. ”

“I’ve seen things that corroborate me that the people who work here are very valuable,

He does not want to talk yet about signings in the winter market. 

“We have the wealth of technicians like Garitano and Ferreira and of people who join as Alkorta, Ayarza and Suances. The reinforcements must be decided by capable people like them. ” 


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